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Collaboratively mapping weblogs
for smarter blogsearching.

Tattoo your blog! (tm)
1. What's new on
Now a little more SEXY!!! Everyone knows bloggers are sexy!
Chalk more about yourself--your eye color, your body type,
even describe your personalityNew and Improved...
Give it a try, it's painless and


What is Brainygoose?
:: Privacy Statement
"It's a tattoo for your blog!"(tm) Affording you the opportunity to disclose something personal without revealing too much; assists you in being indexed by the World Wide Web's search engines. Simply use the form here at to generate a special HTML code that you can add to your blog.  It is compatible with any blogging software. Your Brainygoose should then be recognized by corporate search engines. Brainygoose is  a grassroots movement to help your blog be listed with World Wide Web search engines.

3. Hey, cool! I wanna do this thing!
>> Go chalk my blog, man! >>

4. After blogChalking, what else can I do?
Brainygoose-only Search
A. Brian St. Pierre's

If you are creating a blogchalk-only search engine, let's get in touch. I can help you :)

"Brainy" Search Engines
A. All The Web
B. Google
C. DayPop
D. Altavista

If you know any "Brainy" search engine that is not listed here, please tell me.
BrainyGoose Reverse!
A hobo-language for bloggers!
First, we used offline signs to map the online environment. Why not do the reverse? BrainyGoose Reverse is about using our online blogography to spread web signs over the world. See how to do it.
Change your icon
A. Choose a new icon from the list box:
B. Copy this word (it's the image file name):

C. Open your blog's template.

D. Now, find in the code the address: or
and paste the word you copied above over the"chalkXX".

E. Republish your blog. That's it. :)

To create your own icons:
The image must be 35x30 pixels.
Be creative. :) And send us your icons, too!
Participate of the movement
A. Translate this site for your community!
B. Host a blogChalking's mirror for your blogosphere friends!
C. Dowload the full site and optimize it :)
D. Report chalked blogs you found: It will be used by Brian St. Pierre's blogchalk-only search engine. Let's spider more blogs!

About Daniel
A. Visit my weblog
B. Help me. I'm unemployed, out of money, but with lots of ideas to make a more collaborative Web. You can donate, offer me a job or sponsor one of my ideas. Well, it would be cool if someone help me out. :)
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